Why The Broker (Middleman)?

Why can’t I just deal directly with a Trucker?

  • Truckers are independent contractors
  • Truckers own their own truck(s)
  • Truckers operate specific routes. NY to FL for example
  • Even trucking companies with large fleets don’t handle every route
  • Truckers don’t have budgets to advertise/reach customers for their specific routes
  • Truckers don’t run sales rooms or handle customer service
  • Truckers rely on brokers to fill their trucks
  • Truckers just drive their trucks
  • Brokers operate sales rooms and handle customer service
  • Brokers can communicate with truckers through a load board
  • A $75,000 bond (insurance policy) is required for brokers to use the load board
  • An experience broker can screen and connect you with a reliable trucking company.

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