Auto Transport Rate Calculator

car shipping calculator

Calculate car shipping rates instantly. Our tool provides you with accurate estimates to ship your car anywhere. Before you get quotes from different companies to ship your car, you’ll know what it should cost. After you calculate your rate, we also provide you the ability to compare rates from the most reputable vehicle shipping companies in the industry. All in one place.

Why The Broker (Middleman)?

Why can’t I just deal directly with a Trucker?

  • Truckers are independent contractors
  • Truckers own their own truck(s)
  • Truckers operate specific routes. NY to FL for example
  • Even trucking companies with large fleets don’t handle every route
  • Truckers don’t have budgets to advertise/reach customers for their specific routes
  • Truckers don’t run sales rooms or handle customer service
  • Truckers rely on brokers to fill their trucks
  • Truckers just drive their trucks
  • Brokers operate sales rooms and handle customer service
  • Brokers can communicate with truckers through a load board
  • A $75,000 bond (insurance policy) is required for brokers to use the load board
  • An experience broker can screen and connect you with a reliable trucking company.

The Process

Customers submit their shipping information online at sites like this one to compare several rates.

Brokers provide you with quotes by looking up your route on the load board, and seeing what other customers with similar sized vehicles are getting picked up for.

Once you’ve decided which company you wish to use, the broker puts your vehicle on the load board at a rate they believe will get truckers to pickup your vehicle.

Truckers pick up vehicles based on…

  • Price customers are willing to pay
  • Available room on their truck

So in a sense you are competing with other customers to get picked up, but often times you won’t have to outbid anyone.

Once it’s picked up, a broker will put you in contact with the trucker to ship and deliver your vehicle.

So maybe not so simple but that’s how it works.


Dallas, TX to Orlando, FL

  • Customer 1 – Coupe $500
  • Customer 2 – SUV $550
  • Customer 3 – Pickup $750

A Trucker would choose to pick up the Pickup, or SUV first if there’s room on their truck. Otherwise they’ll take the coupe. There can be several truckers operating routes at any 1 time depending on the popularity of the route.

What Will it Cost?

Cost varies based on several elements

  • Size/weight of vehicle
  • How soon you need your vehicle shipped
  • How busy a route is (season)
  • Broker fee – Brokers often charge $100 to $200 for their role.
  • What other customers paying to have their vehicle picked up

Each broker will provide you with a rate. By talking with them you can decide on which company. Use our calculator to get an idea of how much it will cost, then submit your information. We’ll connect you with trusted and experienced brokers to help move your vehicle.